Your Student Journey

We are here to help at each step of your university journey.

Are you looking to study abroad? We can tailor a programme of support which can help you at each step of your university journey.

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Deciding where to go to university

Making your choice and applying to study abroad

Your choice of university is one of the most important decisions you will make. Our one-to-one approach to helping you to study abroad provides a personal service. Our expert advisers will help you maximise your potential in applying for undergraduate and postgraduate programmes.

Choosing the right university abroad and degree course is the first and often most challenging step. We discuss your future career aspirations, to ensure we match your academic interests with your future goals, and therefore make the right choices across all subject areas. Finally we will assist you in selecting the best place to study to meet your academic needs and have the best possible student experience.

Our bespoke one-to-one study abroad support will help you succeed in your application for both undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. We will work with you to produce a compelling personal statement, and provide you with the help you to submit a successful university application.

University pathway providers

Transitioning to university abroad

Once you have secured your place at your preferred university. The next step is making the move to study abroad. This can seem like a daunting prospect. To make this transition as smooth as possible we can help you every step on the way.

Wherever you choose to study abroad in addition to working with you to arrange the more practical aspects of your move. Such as visa requirements and student accommodation, we can provide you with a range of tools and new skills to ensure you start your studies confident and excited about your academic journey.

Succeeding at university

Succeeding at university abroad

During your time at university we can help you to enhance your study skills, build your confidence, and succeed in your studies. Uni Direct also offer a unique university guardianship service so you and your parents can have peace of mind that there is always someone available to help with academic concerns and pastoral care.

We can provide regular one-to-one study abroad advice on current and upcoming academic challenges, and specific support at key times in the academic year.

Graduate Job Search

Get a great job

In the new job market a more flexible, creative and skills-based career is increasingly commonplace. Once you have finished your time at university abroad your priority is understanding and presenting your unique skills and interests and making the right initial career choices. To set you off on a rewarding and successful career path.

Our expert careers advisers can support you on this journey. We can then help you navigate the range of job search sites, internship opportunities and  graduate schemes. Or if you are looking to boost your CV and have a unique experience prior to entering full time work you could help out on a volunteering project or undertake a tailored study abroad study experience.

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