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Online degrees are becoming increasingly popular, providing a flexible affordable way to study. You can find out more below.

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What are my options?

Many students like the idea of obtaining a specific degree programme from a different country. However, it might not be practical to actually live there. If you have a family or commitments at home. Choosing to study by at a distance learning university may be the answer for you. Some courses require you to attend a certain number of sessions per year. Others are purely online learning degree courses.

There are many options out there for students that are ‘distance learning Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees. Even up to MBA level. Some of the distance learning universities offer an entire degree course. Whereas others provide online learning ‘top-up’ degrees for subjects like business management. These are where a student has studied to diploma level at a different college or university and they want to complete the final year to make their qualification degree level. There are a wide variety of distance learning courses, particularly in the UK and USA.

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How does a distance learning university work?

How will teaching be delivered at a distance learning university? Many students may worry about this? Will it be as good? Will you get one to one support? The answer is it will be different. However, it can be as good and beneficial for some learners. Material and lectures online are provided online. You will join online tutorials and seminars. This can all be done from the comfort of your own home.

Many students select a online learning course if they have work and professional commitments. As it helps them study for a degree whilst maintaining their job. Distance learning degree options will give you a wide range of opportunities and experiences. They will help you achieve your goals and generally don’t have the visa requirements if you are not studying overseas for long periods of time. It is well worth considering your options.

Where can I study a online learning course?

An increasing number of universities are offering degree courses that are taught using online teaching methods only. The sessions can be interactive or use recorded sessions to allow students to learn online in their own time. There are many benefits to these programmes. They are flexible and allow you to complete an undergraduate or Master’s degree programme at your own pace. The flexibility allows students to work at the same time, live wherever they want to and study as fast or as slow as they can manage.

Online learning can be cheaper for students in terms of tuition fees and it also allows you to study at home.

Looking at some of our partner universities who offer distance learning degrees. We work with universities in Canada, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland, the UK and the USA. They offer a range of distance learning undergraduate and postgraduate degree options.

Top distance learning universities in the UK

University of Essex Online

As an example the University of Essex is rated Gold for delivery of teaching to students. It has very high student satisfaction levels and is one of the top distance learning universities in the UK.

Essex online learning degrees are delivered by Kaplan Open Learning and awarded by Essex.

Essex also has a wide range of postgraduate distance learning degrees including across subject areas of management, business, psychology, health, computer science, cyber security, finance, infection control, nursing, HR management and law. The costs of the entire distance learning degree are £18,500 for the BA or BSc programmes and £6,167 for the top-up degree programmes of CertHE.

Start dates run for these online degree programmes pretty much throughout the entire year, giving you the ultimate choice on when you want to start your distance learning degree.

Arden University Online

Arden University are a UK university and specialist in online and blended learning. This means that Arden offer the widest range of subjects and distance learning degree pathways. You can study for Foundation Degree, Bachelors, Masters and MBA online degrees.

What courses do Arden offer online? Have a look at just a few of the subjects below:

Arden university also offers some of the best value distance learning degrees in the UK. Fees for undergraduate online degrees are £6935 per year.

As with Essex Online, start dates run for these online degree programmes throughout the entire year.

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