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If you are looking to study at a top university, capital cities have many of the best. Why not explore the options with us. 

capital city university

Capital City University

Choosing to study at a capital city university will put you at the heart of the countries academic, cultural and economic centre. There are of course many capital cities to choose from. They are all great places to study. Have fun and have easy travel links for when you need to get home.

Capital City University Case Study - Study in London

London welcomes over 112,000 international students each year. Studying in London is very popular. The reason is that it is one of the world's most cosmopolitan and culturally rich cities. It also has many of the world's top universities.

There are a wide range of universities to choose from when studying in London. From campus based universities a tube ride away such as Brunel University, the University of Essex or the University of Greenwich. Or you can study in the heart of the city at universities at universities such as London South Bank University or Regents University.

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