University Town

With the university at its center, a university town can be a great choice to study in. We can help you choose the best university town for you. 

Best university town

University Town

Where is the best university town?

This will of course be personal to everyone. There are many different types of university town and cities. Different environments suit different people. Selecting an environment that suits you is essential.

Your choice may reflect where you have grown up and what you are used to. Or you may well want a change of environments, exploring a new environment. A small university town, often seeped in history can be a great place to study. Universities are often smaller offering the opportunity to get to know the lecturers better. We present some examples below to show you different examples of where you can study.

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Best university towns - Case studies

Brock University, St Catharine’s, Ontario in Canada

St Catharine’s is the largest town in the Niagara region. With Brock University based there it is very much a university town, located in a UNESCO biosphere reserve close to Niagara Falls, the iconic waterfall between the Canadian and US border. Brock University offers a wide range of programmes at undergraduate and graduate level, up to PhD level.

Best university town in Canada

University of Padova, Padova, Italy

The University of Padova (Padua) is one of the oldest universities in the world. Founded in 1222. It is an iconic university city in historic and cultural Italy. Close to the coastline at Venice. The university has more than 65,000 students and is world renowned. If you want to live in quintessential Italy. Studying at a world class university, with amazing Italian food and scenery, the University of Padova is surely up there as the best university town.

Best university town in italy

Oxford Brookes University, Oxford, UK

The University is located in the historic university city of Oxford. Oxford epitomises a university town. It seeps history from the buildings to its long standing tradition as a university destination. Oxford Brookes University offers modern facilities in a culturally diverse university town. Oxford is a beautiful city and a great choice for students.

best uk university town

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