Best UK Universities for Engineering

The UK has many of the worlds top engineering courses. You can find out where below.

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Top UK universities for engineering

Best UK Universities for Engineering

What do engineers do? Engineering professions differ a lot. Many engineers consider their role as helping to solve complex problems, helping to transform lives.

Many professions related to engineering work in multidisciplinary teams, involving working alongside other specialist engineers. Engineering degrees can include studying for a degree in general engineering or specialising for a BEng course or MEng course in a particular area of engineering. Some universities have a common year for all engineering students, where you start your degree by looking at a wide range of engineering subjects and then specialise once you have decided what you like doing and are good at.  On this basis, if you are looking to apply to the best UK universities for engineering, it is important to decide, from the outset of your application, if you want to apply for a general engineering degree course or if you want to apply straight for a specialist engineering subject.

With a world class education find out the best UK universities for engineering in our top engineering universities guide.

We are happy to discuss options with you that match your likely school grades if you are applying for an undergraduate Bachelor’s programme or degree qualification if you are applying for a postgraduate degree.

Engineering degrees are usually either a BEng (Bachelors in Engineering) or MEng (Masters in Engineering), although you can get BSc and MSc programmes. BEng’s are usually three years long and MEng degree programmes are four years long. Often the MEng programmes have higher entrance requirements as they are offering an integral Bachelors and Master’s degree.

Students applying to study engineering in the UK need strong grades in maths and science related subjects, depending on what type of engineering subject they are applying for. Many universities will offer one year MSc engineering programmes for students who have studied a BEng degree.

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UK Engineering School Rankings 2021

What are the best UK universities for engineering degree courses? Let’s look at UK engineering school rankings 2021. The top engineering universities guide ranks the following universities for their delivery of engineering degree programmes in the UK.

University Ranking
Bristol University 1
University of Cambridge 2
Imperial College 3
University of Oxford 4
Warwick University 5
Loughborough University 6
Aston University 7
Durham University 8
Leeds University 9
Nottingham Trent University 10
Coventry University 11
Greenwich University 12
University of Aberdeen 13
Bournemouth University 14
University of Ulster 15

The Guardian top engineering universities guide, as outlined above for 2021, ranks courses based on; student satisfaction, student to staff ratio, spend per student and employability factors. This provides a really user friendly view of the best UK universities for engineering based on a broad range of factors.

Top Engineering Universities Guide

Taking a few examples of universities listed in the UK engineering school rankings 2021 guide, let’s look at a few examples of universities that offer engineering degree programmes.

University of Bristol

Starting with the University of Bristol, top of the UK Engineering School Rankings 2021. Bristol offers a range of engineering undergraduate degree programmes including; aerospace engineering, civil engineering, computer science, electrical and electronic engineering, mechanical engineering and engineering design.

They offer postgraduate Master’s degree programmes in aerospace engineering, civil engineering, computer science, electrical and electronic engineering, engineering mathematics and mechanical engineering. There are also PhD opportunities and excellent research facilities in one of the best UK universities for engineering.

Facilities in the department are diverse, including quantum laboratories, geomechanical laboratories and an earthquake laboratory. The departmental website advertises PhD opportunities across a wide range of engineering subjects.

University of Bristol engineering

The University of Greenwich

The University of Greenwich ranks 12th in the best UK universities for engineering. As a London based university, the engineering courses on offer at Greenwich include; chemical, civil, electrical and electronic engineering, mechanical, computer, cybernetics engineering all at extended, BEng and MEng level. They also offer a BEng degree in manufacturing engineering and information technology management. All the degree courses in engineering at Greenwich share a common first year.

They also offer a range of extended degree subjects that are four year courses leading to a BEng or 5 year programmes leading to a MEng. Greenwich also offer a range of MSc one year engineering Master’s programmes; engineering management, research engineering, global shipping management, machine intelligence, mechanical and manufacturing engineering with industrial practice, product design engineering and water, waste and environmental engineering.

Oxford Brookes Business University

Oxford Brookes University offers an engineering foundation preparing students for degrees in mechanical, motorsport, robotic and automotive engineering degrees. The key is to identify a foundation that allows future progression to the engineering subject of your choice.

The course content at Oxford Brookes includes mathematical and scientific principles in engineering and technology and engineering applications, leading to BEng or BSc engineering courses.

Oxford Brooks university business school

Providing another example of INTO - a pathway provider, who offer a range of foundation years in engineering leading to progression at various UK universities. These programmes are ideal for students who fall short of the grades required to enter straight into a three year degree programme. They can take students on to improve their academic knowledge and English language skills with start dates in September and January.

Most engineering degree courses, including foundation programmes, have entrance requirements of a grade B or above for maths at school age qualification (16 years of GCSE/iGCSE equivalent). Career prospects for engineering graduates are always good, with graduates going into a wide range of professions including working for private companies, the public sector or in academic roles.

The challenge for prospective applicants is in selecting their degree subject to study and then looking at where to apply across the top engineering universities. We can help you understand where you meet the entrance requirements for, helping with your application to the best universities for engineering.

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