Best Business Schools in the UK

The UK has some of the best business schools in the world. You can find out more below.

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Best universities to study business in the uk

Top Business Universities in the UK

Which universities have the best business schools in the UK and where are they located?

What are the undergraduate and postgraduate entrance requirements?

It can be very complex looking at where to study, scrutinising the UK business university rankings. Let us help guide you through and advise you on applying to the top universities for business related degree programmes at an undergraduate and postgraduate level.

UK business schools are very popular with international students. There are many reasons for this. For starters, the subject combinations that you can study in the UK in business and management subjects, vary a lot. There are many degree combinations on offer across some of the best business schools in the UK.

Top universities for business in UK often offer Bachelor degrees in; business administration (BBA – Bachelor of Business Administration), business and management, management, international business and various combinations of these subjects with other subjects like marketing or human resources management. Undergraduate entrance requirements vary for each course and university. There are also foundation and diploma entrance options available for international students. We can advise on where you meet the entrance requirements for. International students are also drawn to study in the UK due to the academic excellence and value of having a degree from a UK based university. The UK is also offering all students who start now a two year post-study work permit. This has seen interest increase a lot for the best business schools in the UK. Top universities for business has record applications from international students after the introduction of the two year post-study work permits. UK business school rankings continue to perform well in global ranking tables. 

At a postgraduate Master’s level, top universities for business often offer MSc or MA degrees in business and management or international business. Specific Masters programmes are often offered in a wide range of specialist areas, including human resources management and marketing related subjects. Often Master’s degree subjects can have an international focus to help you broaden your horizons and learn new skills that can be applied to a wide range of graduate roles once you have finished your degree.

International students often want a diverse multi-cultural experience at a business school in the UK business school top rankings. 

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UK Business School Rankings

The top universities for business in the UK, looking at the Guardian rankings, include Oxford, St Andrews, Bath and Warwick. Entrance requirements to the universities are very high. With the top 10 shown below.

University Ranking
University of Oxford 1
University of St Andrews 2
University of Cambridge 3
Durham University 4
London School of Economics 5
University of Bath 6
Loughborough University 7
Warwick University 8
Imperial College 9
Lancaster University 10

Top Universities for Business

Best UK business school

University of Oxford - Saïd Business School

Currently the number one best business school in the UK, is the Saïd Business School at the University of Oxford. Oxford has a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate students studying subjects in business, management and finance. The Saïd Business School has a wide range of research interests and partakes in many global organisations and initiatives.

Degree programmes are offered from the BA in Economics and management through to the DPhil in finance and MBA programmes. The University of Oxford operates a collegiate system where applicants select and belong to a college community during their studies.

Durham University Business School

Durham University ranks fourth in the Guardian league table of top universities for business. Durham is located in in north-east of England. The university also operates on a collegiate system in the same manner as Oxford and Cambridge.

As one of the best business schools in the UK, if you have aspirations to study a business related degree subject at Durham University, but don’t yet have the grades or meet the entrance criteria, there are options for international students to apply for international foundation year or pre-masters entry through the international college there.

To discuss this further, please contact us with your educational background to hand and we can help you apply to one of the world top 100 universities to study for your business degree at one of the top universities for business in the world.


Lancaster University Management School

Ranking at number ten Lancaster University Management School is a great UK business school to study at. Lancaster University also has an international study centre that has operated for the past 10 years helping international students find pathways to study in the UK.

This provides students with two ways of accessing the top ten university for business – for an undergraduate degree either through a UCAS application or through an international foundation year. There are also postgraduate business subjects and pre-master pathways as well. 

Lancaster University Management School
University of Suffolk Business School

Suffolk Business School

The University of Suffolk Business school ranks 35th for business, management and marketing subjects. As well as having a top UK business school, the University of Suffolk is offering EU students scholarships, reducing tuition fees to pre-Brexit levels/home student level of £9250 a year for the duration of their degree course.

On site accommodation is great value and subjects on offer include at an undergraduate level; business management, accounting and financial management, events marketing and tourism. At a postgraduate level they offer an MSc in human resource management, international business management. The also offer one of the most affordable MBA programmes in the UK. 

Oxford Brookes Business School

Oxford Brooks University offers a range of foundation, undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. There are also top-up degrees on offer in business, management and marketing subjects.

The global MBA programme at Oxford Brookes ranks in the top 20 MBA’s worldwide and the top MBA UK in the QS Distance Online MBA rankings 2020 for UK business school rankings. As with most MBA’s, Oxford Brookes asks for a minimum of three years’ relevant managerial or professional work experience for entry to the programme, in addition to usual requirements like a good degree and references.

Oxford Brooks university business school

The challenge for prospective applicants is in selecting their degree subject to study and then looking at where to apply across the best business schools in the UK. We can help you understand where you meet the entrance requirements for, helping with your application to a wide range of top universities for business.

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