Which University Should I go to

Deciding which university to study at can seem overwhelming, with the huge number of choices available. We are here to find the right degree for you. 

Where should I go to university?

The number of universities around the world continue to grow to meet the needs of are growing more educated population. As a student this is great news as there is now more choice than ever. With the competition for students is raising teaching standards across the sector. This does, however, mean that there is now more options than ever to consider when considering which uni should I go to. Considering both which country to study and what type of university will ensure you have the very best study experience.

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What type of university?

Universities come in all shapes and sizes, from the old and most prestigious Ivy league and Russell Group universities such as the University of Liverpool. To more modern, specialist institutes such as the Vancouver Film School. Finding which university to go to that will academically inspire and challenge you. As well as provide an environment in which you will flourish, will be key to your success.

Many of the most well known universities can be found in the worlds capital cities. Or university towns such as Oxford where universities such as Oxford and Oxford Brookes are integral to the wider community. For many students being close to nature and by the sea is also important. Studying at universities such as James Cook University in Australia or California State University in the USA can allow you to have the best of both worlds.

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Comparing Universities

The next step when you are thinking where I should go to university is to compare the different courses at different universities. Here are some things to think about:

  • First of all does the course look interesting - It seems a obvious question but you should enjoy your learning if the course doesn't excite you, find one that does.
  • How relevant is the course - Courses with the same title can vary a lot between universities.
  • Take a look at the university department and staff - See if the department is well respected and look at the lecturers areas of research to ensure they will interest you.
  • How is the course assessed - You will have exams and coursework on all university courses but the proportion to which the university uses them will vary.


For those students looking at which UK university to go to this is particularly important as British degrees tend to be very specialist from the outset. This is unlike other systems such as US degrees where you have much more flexibility to change your learning path during your studies.

It is also important to find out what others think about the the universities and courses you are considering. There are lots of resources out there. A good place to start is:

  • University league tables - A well respected one is The World University Rankings 
  • University assessments - Most countries have external assessments of their universities each year. For example in the UK you can find out how good the teaching is through the TEF
  • What do students say - there are now lots of online tools where you can speak directly to students who are studying the course you are interested in. One of our favourites is UniBuddy.


To help you with this we have complied some helpful information on the best universities in the UK.


Finally, if you are able to visit the universities to meet students, lecturers and see if it is an environment where you will flourish then attending a university open day can be really useful.

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Which country to study in?

Even in countries where English is not the local language many degrees are now taught in English. This presents a world of different study options and cultures to consider.

As well as our most popular study locations such as the UK, Canada and the USA. There are now exciting opportunities to study in countries such as China, Korea and Singapore, which are harnessing their rapidly expanding universities to drive economic growth.

When considering which university should I go to. The costs of studying and living, as well as other areas such as visa and language requirements will vary from country to country. It is also important to consider the opportunities after you complete your studies. At the end of your studies you may decide you want to stay to pursue a career. Most countries are keen to retain talented people but there are big differences.

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