University Consulting Services

We have a comprehensive understanding of what students want, allowing us to support universities with student recruitment and retention. 

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University Consulting Services

Our in depth experience of working in academic environments, at both further and higher education levels, provides us with a unique external perspective on the universities we support. We help universities develop organisational strategies and policies to support students throughout their studies. Uni Direct's consulting services are delivered both to overseas and UK universities. Our main services include:

  • Student recruitment
  • Supporting partnerships between overseas and UK universities
  • Educational staff development
  • Programme and course development
  • Improving student retention
  • Policy and strategy development

Each university we work with has different needs and requires an individual approach. Our focus with every institution is to ensure that our support has long lasting impacts. To achieve this, we work in partnership with teaching and learning staff, in addition to working directly with students to understand their needs. This allows us to deliver a range of solutions tailored to the institution's specific requirements. Through this approach, we ensure that change is embedded within the organisation and its staff.

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Student Recruitment

Uni Direct work with universities to develop and run student recruitment campaigns for both home and overseas students. We offer a range of services from supporting strategy development, representing universities at overseas fairs to delivering digital marketing campaigns.

Educational staff development

Our experienced educational development team work with university staff to enhance their teaching practices. We use our experience to work with academic staff to improve their teaching methods, and to help resolve any challenges across a university. We work in a variety of areas to develop teaching and learning methods, including, how to engage students, understanding student's learning styles, how to deliver feedback to students and small and large group teaching methods.

Programme and course development

We help universities review current courses and programmes, assessing how to identify and meet current market needs relating to the provision of courses, and how to effectively target student recruitment. We can also aid the development of online training programmes, work-based learning courses, and virtual learning environments.

Improving student retention

Through delivering excellent degree programmes, and creating an engaging teaching and learning environment, the foundations are put in place to create an institution where students thrive. In addition we work directly with both the institution with students on a confidential basis to bring an external perspective to improve student retention and the delivery of a world-class student experience.

Widening participation

We are passionate about supporting universities to develop the right policies, and to help them develop practices to ensure they are inclusive to students from all backgrounds. Our approach will vary depending on the requirements of each university. However, through understanding current policies, we work to build on existing initiatives and outreach services.

Supporting partnerships between overseas and UK universities

We work with universities globally to help establish networks and partnerships with UK universities and universities in other countries. We provide an impartial service that spans the whole process of identifying relevant partners, agreeing a partnering strategy, and designing and delivering long term institutional collaborations.

Policy and strategy development

We pride ourselves in ensuring the support and tools given to universities will help them develop deliver long term changes. To achieve this, we work with universities to review and refresh their policies, strategy, and long term vision, embedding excellence in student experience across the institution.

Our goal is to provide bespoke services to universities around the world, to help the continual improvement in both the quality and accessibility of higher education.

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