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We work with schools to provide one to one and group sessions to students, ensuring they make the right university choices and submit a winning application.

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University application support delivered at school

We work in partnership with schools and colleges, both overseas and in the UK, to deliver tailored programmes of careers guidance and university application support for their students. We can help you by providing careers guidance and university application support to students who want to apply to university in the UK or to English speaking courses elsewhere in Europe.

Our work with schools and colleges usually involves us delivering intensive workshops to their students, in combination with one-to-one careers mentoring sessions. Our courses can be tailored to meet the needs of specific student groups and they are usually delivered face-to-face at the partner school or college.

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We run two main workshops at schools and colleges that are aimed at students aged 16 years and above:

Choosing and Applying to University

This programme is run for students in the academic year before they go to university. We provide students with the information to help them select the best course, and to produce a successful application to university.

A typical programme begins by working in small groups followed by one-to-one sessions. We help students select the right degree course, and also explore options of the best locations to study. We can review options for students in their home country, as well as at overseas universities in for example, UK, Europe US, China and Canada.

The second half of the programme is focused on to how to produce a winning university application. We help students to produce a compelling personal statement and advise on how to submit a successful application.

We find students gain a lot from discussing their ideas and aspirations with our experts, both in their groups and one-to-one sessions. They also gain valuable support from their peers. We tailor our approach to meet the specific needs of the school or college.

Moving to University

This programme is usually delivered after a student has finished their final exams, or prior to the student leaving to take up their university studies in the autumn and provides the ideal stepping stone to university life. Using group learning and one-to-one mentoring sessions, this programme is split into two main sections:

The first section is focused on providing a range of study skills to help students to succeed academically at university. Topics covered will include; essay and report writing skills, public speaking, exam revision techniques, comprehending individual learning styles and using a university library.

The second section of the course provides practical tips on student life to ensure each of the participants begin their university journey feeling confident, prepared and excited about their future.

Other services

In addition to these two main support programmes, we offer more specific advice as part of a tailored programme including:

  • One-to-one careers advice and mentoring from the age of 15 years upwards
  • Specialist course advice and one-to-one sessions in subjects such as medicine and art and design
  • Developing the internal capacity of schools to advise students on their university journey in the UK, and elsewhere in Europe.

We would be very happy to discuss the right approach for your school or college, so please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.