Writing a Dissertation


Your dissertation layout and dissertation structure

Are you writing a dissertation?

If your course requires you to write a dissertation, you may need support with your dissertation structure and layout or general inspiration for the content and research idea.

Many of the students we work with gain a lot from having additional help in developing their study skills, particularly in the most challenging aspects of a degree, such as producing a dissertation. We aid undergraduate and postgraduate students in developing their skills, helping them submit excellent dissertations, including undergraduate dissertations, master’s dissertations, and doctorate theses.

As with our essay writing support, our unique thesis coaching can help you complete your degree successfully. We can help you with your dissertation structure, help you write an abstract for your dissertation, and provide general guidance on your dissertation layout for you.


Developing your research skills

We can work with you to help you develop your research skills and ideas in more detail, supporting your needs and helping you make progress in finalising your dissertation. We can also help you understand how to develop and write a good literature review, in addition to advising you on aspects of your research methodology and analysis.

We support undergraduate and postgraduate students, up to PhD and MBA level, in writing a dissertation or thesis. We understand that each of our students is unique. We can help you all the way from developing ideas for your dissertation, through to providing regular mentoring sessions to help you develop your skills and successfully complete your dissertation.

As a part of our support during your studies our specialist mentors will guide you to write a dissertation and build your research skills, to ensure your content is compelling. If you would like to find out more please contact us to speak to one of our advisers.