Mentoring and support

We can help you to succeed during your studies and to get a great graduate job.

We can support you from High School through to helping you secure your first graduate job

Our mentoring and university guardianship services are delivered by experienced professionals, helping students improve their academic study skills and performance. We can support you throughout your academic journey covering topics including:

High school mentoring

It is never too early to start planning your university journey. Our experienced mentors are here to help you consider.

  • School subject choice support by working with you to align your interests and skills with future study and career opportunities.
  • Study skills and exam preparation support to help you to get the grades you need to get into your university of choice.
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University mentoring

When you are at university our expert mentors can help to ensure you excel in your studies. Our help includes:

  • Study skills development, including support for: project work, developing report and essay writing skills, critical and analytical thinking skills, exam preparation, revision techniques and literature review and research skills.
  • Specialist support for specific subjects and support for dissertation selection and production.
  • Proof reading services.
  • Advice on industry placements and holiday work experience.


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As well as academic help, we can also help you to settle into life and thrive at university through our bespoke guardianship services. These include:

  • Supporting with visa, English language qualifications and university accommodation.
  • Arranging your transfer from the airport to University accommodation.
  • A 24hr emergency first point of contact for you and your parents.
  • Providing a link between you, your parents and university tutors.
  • Supporting you with holiday requirements, including summer schools, advice on suitable language programmes and homestay options.

We have produced some great resources to help you to during your time at university.

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Study support

Careers mentoring

Our expert careers advisers help you to deciding what to do next and to give you the best chance of securing that all important graduate job. Our help includes:

We have produced some great resources to get that first step on the career ladder.

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