Study abroad semesters

Studying one or two semesters of your degree in another country can be an amazing experience. It also looks great on your CV.

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Study a semester abroad

What are the options?

Many students want to study semester abroad during their degree. Some want a to study year abroad or even a specialist course after their degree. Choosing to study abroad for a semester or year offers you the opportunity to have a unique study experience. As well as providing a valuable learning experience in a different country. It could be an immersive opportunity to help you develop a second language. Or perhaps deepen your understanding of your chosen specialism. It could simply offer you a new life experience. The chance to live in a different culture, make new friends and undertake new academic challenges.

Some students also have a financial motivation for choosing to study a semester abroad as tuition fees vary greatly from country to country. As does the cost of living. As the world gets smaller, with improved infrastructure and technology. It has never been easier to realise your ambitions of studying abroad. Even if you choose to do it for a relatively short period of time.

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How can we help?

We will work with you to understand your goals and aspirations. It is really important that you choose a study experience that will add value to your current course. As well as ultimately put you ahead of the crowd when you either enter the world of work or go on to further postgraduate study.

We worked with institutes around the world to arrange placement to either study a semester abroad. Or to study a year abroad Most universities welcome students who request to study a semester or year abroad. We can liaise with your current university to align your learning objectives.

Once you have chosen the right course, you will need to apply. For many courses this can be quite competitive. We will work with you to draw out your skills and experiences. Ensuring you submit a winning application.

Helping you to secure the right study experience needs a bespoke approach, and we will help you consider your needs. If you would like to find out more please contact us to speak to one of our advisers.