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Academic mentor guardians

Providing day to day support

In addition to the academic mentoring services. If you are an international student living in the abroad, our student mentors can also provide a university guardianship service. An academic mentor can also provide pastoral care. Supporting you to excel in your studies by helping you with the process of moving to the to a new country, and settling into student life.

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Student mentor guardianship services

As with our mentoring programme, your own needs will be unique. A student mentor will work with you to identify these and give your parents or guardians peace of mind that there is always someone there to help. Some of the services we offer include:

  • Referring you to visa specialists. Advising you on language qualifications and university accommodation options.
  • Arranging your transfer from the airport to university accommodation.
  • A 24hr emergency first point of contact for you and your parents.
  • Supporting you with any challenges or requirements you may face with the university or other public authorities.
  • Providing a link between you, your parents, and university tutors.
  • Helping you with holiday choices, including study experiences, advice on suitable internships, and volunteering opportunities.

If you would like to find out more about our guardianship services please contact us to speak to one of our academic mentors.