Study support resources

Getting a good degree is so important for your future career. We have some great resources to help you during your studies.

Academic Help

Once you have secured your place at university, we can provide a unique study support programme to help you through each step of your academic journey. Our specialist student mentors will provide you with subject specific degree help and industry insight. Working with you to understand your needs and provide a tailored programme of support.

Your student mentor will provide study support to enhance your study skills and research skills. To achieve this we take two approaches which will form the basis of your mentoring plan:

  • Regular study skills advice, discussing current and upcoming academic challenges
  • Targeted mentoring at key times in the academic year. Degree help in developing research skills for projects, essays or dissertations.
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Degree help and guardianship

We have produced some further resources which we hope will help you during your studies these include:

  • Project work, report and essay writing, critical and analytical thinking skills. Exam preparation, revision techniques, and literature review and research skills.
  • Specialist degree help for specific subjects and guidance with your dissertation selection and production.
  • Proof reading services.
  • Pastoral care for all non-academic requirements.
  • Next steps including postgraduate courses and applying for jobs.

You can find out more by clicking on the icons below. Or please do get in touch to speak to one of our advisors.

Please contact us to speak to one of our academic mentors to discuss study support and degree help options, to help support a great experience during your studies.