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UK university entry and student life

What does the UK offer prospective university applicants?

The UK is world renowned for its diverse range of universities delivering academic excellence. If you choose to study in the UK, gaining a degree from a UK university is prestigious and well regarded by employers. In the Times Higher Education World rankings, UK universities have three of the top ten universities. Undertaking your education in the UK will help your longer-term professional development.

A UK education offers teaching standards that are regularly assessed by professionals and students alike. The Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) allows you to quickly review the teaching standards of UK based universities. Many UK universities also have a reputation for undertaking world class research, which feeds directly into teaching programmes from the diverse interests of lecturers at universities.

Research excellence

Recent comparisons of UK and US research suggests that findings from research projects undertaken in UK universities are getting cited more than research from US universities. This reflects the enhanced reputation for research undertaken in the UK. UK universities place an emphasis on helping students learn independently. They encourage a student’s ability to think critically, and to analyse and interpret information in their essays and reports. These skills make graduates with a UK education highly employable.

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Studying in the UK

There is a huge number of different types of degrees in the UK that can be studied at a wide variety of universities. Students can choose from a wide range of locations, from a busy London-based university to a rural location with a quiet campus and on-site accommodation. Studying in the UK offers exciting cities to live in, and the ability for international students, on a UK study visa, to work part-time on their student visas.

As well as London, there are many universities in cities which are very cosmopolitan and provide a nice environment to study in for your UK education. The UK collects information on student satisfaction and employment when students graduate. We can help you find the right university for you to thrive at, helping you review different information and statistics, to make the right choice for you.

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