Writing a Personal Statement

Your personal statement is key to ensuring you stand out from the crowd. We can help.

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How to write a personal statement

A personal statement for university

If you are looking to apply for an undergraduate degree writing a personal statement is an essential component of a winning university application. Having supported many students through this process, we can help and guide you, drawing on your experiences and passions, to submit a winning university personal statement.

We will guide you on how to structure your personal statement. We will review what you produce and we will provide you with feedback to help you improve it to ensure your personal statement stands out for the right reasons. Writing a personal statement is all about giving you a competitive edge when applying for highly competitive degree courses.

Your personal statement is an opportunity for you to demonstrate your skills, what you can bring as a student to that degree course, and importantly, why you want to study that subject area. There are different ways to structure a personal statement. Most universities want to see a balance of your academic performance and what you have achieved outside school.

We will help you write a personal statement for the subject area you are applying for. We will help you demonstrate how you have developed your study skills from your experiences in school, working in teams, through work experience, positions of responsibility working in your local community, or through voluntary placements you have undertaken.

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How to structure your personal statement

You should plan how to structure your personal statement. A good university personal statement comprises a maximum of 47 lines or 4,000 characters including spaces. You need to ensure that you use natural language and clearly defined paragraphs to structure your ideas. It should reflect your personality and passion for your chosen subject.

You can also look at personal statement examples for uni online. However, be careful as this is all about you so our advice is to write your own before looking.

For further support on writing a good personal statement for university, please get in touch with Uni Direct. Our blog article will also give you more tips on producing a winning personal statement.

Helping you in producing a winning personal statement is an integral part of our undergraduate degree university application support service. If you would like to find out more, please contact us to speak to one of our advisers.