Study in Europe


Study options for English speaking universities in Europe

In addition, or as an alternative, to applying to study in the UK through the centralised UCAS system, you may want to consider applying to university on English speaking degrees in Europe. For example, in countries like the Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Germany, Switzerland and Finland. Uni Direct support students in applying to European universities, who want to consider a wide range of options to study both in the UK and/or on English speaking degree courses offered in Europe.

Popular options for our students include international business and finance and management degree courses at undergraduate and postgraduate level. Courses are available to study for a range of health-related courses taught in English outside the UK, including medicine, dentistry and nursing degrees. We can assist you through the European university application process for each country you want to apply to.


Support for applying to University in Europe

We can advise you on your best options based on your interests and likely educational attainment level. Our specialist support can help you apply for degree courses in Europe that are taught in English, and delivered at very prestigious European universities that rank highly in the global education system. Some of the degree courses in Europe will be aimed at students who are bilingual and want to study in several languages. We will help you identify the best options for your degree choice.

Many of our clients ask us to research course opportunities to study both in the UK and across a range of other European countries. This process can help you compare your options to consider places with a range of tuition fees and weigh-up the benefit of studying in different countries, looking at global university rankings where they are available. Our expertise in the higher education sector will help you find the right degree course to study in Europe.

If you are considering applying to European universities, our university application support service can help you to consider all the options. If you would like to find out more please contact us to speak to one of our advisers.