Applying to Study Medicine

Applying to study Medicine is a rigorous process. Find out how to succeed.

Find out about medicine entry requirements

Medicine entry requirements

Medical degree advice

Lucia received an offer to study medicine at Brunel University and kindly offered to share her medical degree application advice. Here she tells listeners about her insights into the medicine entry requirements, application and interview process for the highly competitive degree in Medicine (MBBS five year programme).

We hope you find the videos useful. You can find out more about medicine entry requirements here. Or for a free consultation to discuss your options please do contact us now.

Medicine personal statement

Lucia explains how to produce a winning medicine personal statement. Her top tips are:
  • Dont be worried it is daunting but you just need to start writing
  • Find ways to stand out by thinking of innovative ways to to portray you skills and experiences
  • Do lots of research into what makes a winning medicine personal statement
  • As well as your clinical work experience demonstrate how your other experiences will help you to be a great doctor

Medicine interview

In this video Lucia explains her top tips for your medicine interview:
  • Be confident. The medicine interview is a big deal but you have got this far
  • Practice lots prepare for what questions you might expect
  • Make sure you demonstrate you skills in a systemic way after all this is what a doctor must do
  • Dont expect a 'traditional interview' when you apply for medicine

Medicine entry requirements

Lucia gives some final medicine application tips:
  • Take your time to make sure Medicine is what you really want to do. It is a big commitment
  • Do your research not just on universities that teach medicine but also the local area. You will be there for at least 5 years
  • The medicine entry requirements seem daunting but with confidence and lots of preparation it is not as scary as you think

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