Applying to Study Medicine/ Dentistry/ Veterinary Science


Entry requirements for medicine

Applying for a degree in medicine requires thought and time, to ensure you gain the right level of work experience for a successful application. Your application is not just about meeting the academic entry requirements for medicine, it is about demonstrating your passion and commitment to work in that profession. This can be demonstrated through undertaking relevant work experience placements before you make your application.

Understanding what course directors consider to be demonstrable work experience is essential, and something our professionally qualified team of medical specialists can give advice on this. We can also help you consider options to study medicine in Europe and to look at graduate entry to medicine.


Supporting your application for medicine

Our team includes medical experts who can tell you first-hand what experience you need to improve your chance of making a successful application. Uni direct can advise you on med-school requirements to help you study medicine in the UK. We provide consultations for students, aged 15 years and upwards, who have aspirations to become a doctor.

Having time to prepare for your application will give you the chance to gain a broad range of work experience, which will help your application to study medicine. Discussing and demonstrating the work experience you have gained, and how it has helped increase your medical related knowledge and skills, is essential to include in your personal statement, in addition to meeting the entry requirements for medicine.

A great personal statement is a key part of your application for medicine. We can provide guidance and support in developing an excellent personal statement, which reflects your skills and passion for the subject.

Applying for medicine, dentistry, or veterinary science in the UK is done through a centralised process called UCAS. It has strict deadlines and you need to apply by mid-October for entry the following year. We also support medical and dental students applying for postgraduate courses.

Also, if you are interested in studying for a degree in veterinary science nursing, midwifery, or physiotherapy, we have a qualified team of professionals who can provide advice and support to you on entry into these professions.

Our specialist medical support is delivered as a part of our undergraduate degree university application support service. If you would like to find out more please contact us to speak to one of our advisers.