UCAS Late Applications

Don't worry if you have missed the UCAS deadline, we can help you to submit a late UCAS application.

late UCAS application

Advice for students submitting a late UCAS application 

Submitting late applications for UCAS

UCAS applying late? You may need to submit a UCAS late application. There are many reasons why you are submitting your UCAS application late. The possible reasons for submitting a UCAS late application include

  • If, following your UCAS application, you have not received offers from any universities you applied to initially. For this reason you can explore what is UCAS Extra. Uni Direct can help you with this process as we are a registered UCAS centre.
  • You have changed your mind about the universities or courses you initially applied to and want to decline any offers you have and apply for a new university/course.
  • You missed the UCAS deadline and are submitting a UCAS application late in the application cycle.


The good news is there is still an option to submit late applications to UCAS and applying late. We can liaise directly with alternative universities to help you find the right university and degree course for you.

So, what is UCAS Extra and how can you make late university applications? We can then help you amend or do a new application through UCAS Extra or through UCAS Clearing. UCAS Extra opens in late February and is open until late June, after which point UCAS Clearing opens. We will help you navigate through the system as a registered UCAS center, supporting you to submit your UCAS late application and in gaining a place on a degree course at a university that is right for you through the UCAS extra system.

You can find out more below. Or for a free consultation, contact us now.

UCAS Extra

UCAS Extra allows you to apply for one course at a time, until you get an offer at a place that is right for you. We are happy to discuss UCAS Extra and options other than a UCAS late application to help you find a place to study in the UK. We will liaise with universities to find out what courses and universities have spaces available that meet your needs and academic/likely academic attainment. To ensure your UCAS late application secures your place, we will help you tailor your personal statement to the new university you are applying for. We can also advise you on the additional test requirements for IELTS English language qualifications for a range of university courses.

If you have received your exam results and haven’t quite made it into your chosen universities, please find information on how we can help you through UCAS Extra or through UCAS clearing. The UCAS late application deadline is the end of June, after which applications go through to UCAS Clearing.

Our specialist UCAS Extra and UCAS late application support is delivered as a part of our university application support service. If you would like to find out more please contact us to speak to one of our advisers.