UCAS Clearing UK 2024

UCAS clearing is a great way to secure a place at a top UK university, but it can seem a daunting process. We are here to help.

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What is UCAS clearing and when does clearing open?

Do you need help getting the best university place through UCAS clearing 2024?

Watch our short video to understand what is UCAS clearing and how Uni Direct can work with you to navigate the UCAS clearing process in 2024. Ensuring you get on the very best course in the right university for you.

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You may be wondering what is UCAS Clearing?

UCAS Clearing is part of the UCAS university application system in the UK. UCAS is the centralised undergraduate (Bachelor level) application system that lets you apply to up to five universities in one go. UCAS Clearing  is open to students who applied through UCAS and do not hold an offer, or who haven’t met the conditions of their university offer. UCAS Clearing can also be used by students who have not yet applied. You can register on UCAS and apply through the UCAS Clearing system. Universities with spaces on courses advertise these through UCAS Clearing helping you understand more clearly what UCAS Clearing is and which universities and subjects still have spaces available.

You can also use UCAS Clearing if you do not like any of your offers and want to decline your firm university offer and try and find another university and course through UCAS Clearing or if you have not met the conditions of your offer.

When does UCAS Clearing open? When does UCAS Clearing close?

Are you wondering when does UCAS Clearing open? UCAS clearing opens at the beginning of July each year.

In 2024, UCAS Clearing opens on July 5th and remains open officially until 21st October 2024. This is really important when you consider how long is clearing open, as students who need to apply for a visa need to consider the timeframe of doing this when they consider using UCAS Clearing.

What is UCAS Clearing Plus?

UCAS clearing plus is a new system where UCAS can help you match to courses you may be interested in at locations you want to live in and consider.

The great thing with UCAS Clearing is that you can check and get a live update of what courses still have spaces using the vacancy list. Not all courses have spaces, however, you can search for other subjects on the search function.

How does clearing work?

Before you add a choice on UCAS Clearing, you must understand how does UCAS Clearing work? We have outlined the basic steps below;

  1. To add a Clearing choice you need to speak to the university you want to add, so call them up and give them your UCAS personal ID/Clearing number and ask them if they will accept you on to that course with your grades.
  2. Once you have an ‘informal’ offer on the phone you can go onto UCAS and click ‘add Clearing choice’. This is a final decision as you only add the one university.
  3. The university then has to confirm your choice formally on UCAS Clearing.
  4. You can then progress to arranging your student accommodation and looking forward to starting your studies in September or October


Or why not get our help.

We can begin supporting you through UCAS Clearing the day you receive your results. If you are based overseas, and you have your exam results in July, we can work with you straight away to find a university place in the UK through UCAS Clearing if required.

Uni Direct is a registered UCAS Centre and help you understand how does Clearing work and liaise with universities directly on your behalf to help you gain an offer. We can help you  identify where spaces are available in your chosen subject area and can provide  clearing advice and support if you need further help.

Our expert advisers at Uni Direct can counsel you, review your exam results and identify a suitable degree course for you, based on your choice of subject and location. Our in-depth understanding of the courses and universities in the UK. As well as our experience of helping students to navigate the UCAS Clearing 2024 process, means we can help you to get the best possible outcome during this time.

Our UCAS Clearing advice and support shares many of the services from our university application support service. If you would like to find out more please contact us to speak to one of our advisers.