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What is a Russell Group university?

What is a Russell group university?

The Russell Group universities ranking comprises 24 leading UK universities. Members are world-class, research driven universities. They carry out excellent research at an international level, creating networks across private and public sectors. This makes the Russell Group university requirements very high. Read on to find out more about how to produce a winning Russell group application. Or you can contact us to discuss your options.

Russell Group universities ranking

Many of our clients are drawn to studying at Russell Group universities as they rank highly in global league tables as research institutions. The focus on research excellence means students are taught by academic staff who are world-class leaders, and who make a global contribution in their chosen research field. Working on cutting edge projects will feed into the leading researchers’ teaching practices.

This is why many of our students choose to continue their undergraduate and postgraduate education at Russell Group universities.

Russell Group universities also provide an excellent place to study for a research related degree, such as an MPhil or PhD.

With Russell Group universities ranking so highly. Meeting the Russell Group university entry requirements is no easy task. to give you the best chance of success we can support you in submitting your best possible application.

The following 24 universities are Russell Group members:

You can find out more below. Or for a free consultation, contact us now.

Undergraduate Bachelor Applications

When you are applying to a Russell Group University for an undergraduate Bachelor degree, you apply through a system called UCAS, the centralised application system for undergraduate applications.

UCAS allows you to apply to up to five universities/courses at a time. It is at this point you should look at the Russell Group university entry requirements.

As Russell group universities rankings are so high, applications to Russell Group universities are highly competitive and need to be made within the UCAS deadlines;

The University of Oxford and the University of Cambridge have their UCAS application deadline in October each year.

Similarly the UCAS deadline for medicine, dentistry and veterinary science is also October.

UCAS deadline for all of the other top ranked Russell Group universities is in January each year.

After the UCAS deadline, applications are considered to be ‘late’ and will only be considered if the university has spaces which is less likely for the Russell Group universities ranking highest.

For international students, annual Russell Group tuition fees start at around £20,000 each year and the top ranked Russell group universities like Oxford and Cambridge, have considerably higher tuition fees.

Russell Group applications through UCAS need a personal statement uploading as part of the application and a reference from one of your teachers. Uni Direct is a registered UCAS centre so we can support you through the entire process.

Some applications like medicine and to universities like Oxford and Cambridge, as you to sit an admissions test before you apply. Uni Direct can advise on the Russell Group admissions process and any other Russel Group university requirements like admissions tests and interviews.

Applications to Russell group universities for art and design related courses, including for architecture, will ask you to submit a portfolio of your work. We can help you prepare your portfolio if this is required.

Postgraduate Master Degree Applications

Postgraduate Master degree deadlines at Russell group universities vary a lot. Some universities and degree courses have very early deadlines in December and January, whereas others have ‘rolling’ deadlines.

As well as considering the Russell Group university requirements and university ranking. Checking the deadlines is essential.

If the Master degree programmes you want to apply to have ‘rolling’ deadlines, we do still suggest you apply as early as possible as courses are always competitive and they often close when the degree programme is full. This date can vary each year depending on the number of applications they have.

Master degree applications to Russell group universities are usually made directly to individual universities through their own application systems.

It is very normal for Russell group universities to ask for;

  • A copy of your passport
  • Your degree transcript and certificate
  • Two references
  • An excellent CV
  • A one or two page personal statement.


Some Russel Group university requirements for master degree programmes ask you to submit test results such as Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) and Graduate Record Examinations (GRE) admissions test results.

These are graduate level exams that demonstrate your critical thinking and reasoning skills. They are commonly asked for applications to management master degree programmes at Russell group universities.

Master degree tuition fees to Russell group universities vary substantial often depending on the Russell Group universities ranking. They often start at around £22,000 for international students and go up quite a lot at the top ranked universities. MBA programmes at Russell Group universities are always more expensive.

Students Experiences of Russell Group Universities

Sophie shares some tips on applying to Russell Group universities

Sophie received offers to study Physics at 3 of the UKs top Russell group universities; Imperial College London, UCL and St Andrews. She is excited about pursuing her studies and career in physics and was happy to share her experience of gaining offers to top level UK universities. Here are her top university application tips:

In this video Sophie gives her top tips for a winning Russell group university application. These include:
  • Producing a strong personal statement drawing on your own experiences to show a passion for the subject
  • Focus on why you are a good fit for the programme and the university you are applying for
  • Plan your application process by writing down key dates and starting early so you have plenty of time

Tommy visits Exeter University a top Russel Group University

We asked Tommy to share his experience on an opening day at the University of Exeter. You can have a look at the video he made of his day or you can read about his experience here.

Now you know what is a Russell group university. we can help you apply as a part of our university application support service. If you would like to find out more please contact us to speak to one of our advisers.