Oxford and Cambridge Applications

An Oxbridge education is recognised the world over for excellence, but securing your place is not easy. We help students every year to secure their place at one of the worlds top universities.

Cambridge degree

How to secure an Oxford degree place or a Cambridge degree place

Applying to study at the University of Oxford, or the University of Cambridge (known collectively as Oxbridge), requires careful thought and planning. We work with students to offer a bespoke mentoring plan to maximise your chances of a winning university application to study for either an Oxford degree or a Cambridge degree.

Our mentors are experienced in the specific Oxford and Cambridge admissions requirements and will help you develop your confidence and skills to increase your chances of success with your Oxford degree or Cambridge degree application.

We recommend that you contact us at the earliest possible opportunity before you apply to Oxbridge, so we can assess your needs and develop a plan to increase your chances of making a successful application to the University of Oxford, or the University of Cambridge.

You need time to carefully prepare to apply to Oxbridge. Demonstrating your interpersonal and academic skills through different experiences in your life. One of our experienced Oxbridge mentors, will help you assess your skills and weaknesses, identifying where you need to focus your efforts. For example, undertaking community work and work experience placements, that will help support your application.

The UCAS deadlines for both an Oxford degree and a Cambridge degree application are mid-October. Whereas most other universities and degree courses have UCAS deadlines of mid-January.

You can find out more below. Or for a free consultation, contact us now.

Oxford degree Interviews & Cambridge degree Interviews

One of the most important parts of your Oxbridge application will be undertaking a successful interview. The key to successful Oxford degree or Cambridge degree interview is preparation and practice. We can work with you to help you prepare for interviews at Oxbridge or for any other admissions tests required.

Our expert Oxbridge mentors can guide you on course specific admissions test requirements. Gaining practice to develop your skills before an Oxford degree or Cambridge degree admissions test or interview will significantly increase your chances of getting an offer.

Our bespoke Oxbridge application support follows the same approach as our university application support service, with the addition of extra specialist mentoring and coaching to meet the additional requirements. If you would like to find out more please contact us to speak to one of our advisers.