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If you are looking for a top education in a beautiful country with great graduate job prospects, Switzerland will be top of your list.

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Study in Switzerland

Switzerland is one of the richest and most productive countries in the world. Switzerland also offers a huge amount of cultural diversity. With four national languages (Swiss German, French, Italian and Romansch) its position as a melting pot of rich European culture makes it an attractive and interesting option for students looking to study in Switzerland. Switzerland has always been considered a neutral country and this long history of democracy and federalism. This has made studying in Switzerland an attractive option for many overseas students.

Choosing to study in Switzerland offers a very outdoor and active lifestyle. Sitting within the Alps, there is a strong culture of Skiing and Mountaineering. With its lakes, rivers and mountains. Students at a Switzerland university are able to make good use of the natural landscape. Being so centrally located within Europe means that travel and transport is simple and often very cost effective. There is an excellent rail infrastructure linking Switzerland to France, Spain, Italy and Germany along with major international airports connecting students to the rest of the world.

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Switzerland universities

The higher education system is made up of twelve general Switzerland universities. Along with a multitude of applied science and specialist research centers. Many of these rank incredibly well on global scale for example, ETH Zurich ranks 10th. Another famous Switzerland university is Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne, which specialises in the Sciences, Engineering and Architecture, ranks 12th, (QS world University Rankings).

It is possible to study in Switzerland on a course that is run entirely in English. This is very commonplace at Masters Level and above. The number of English programmes running at undergraduate level is however a rapid area of growth. This growth is a reflection of Switzerland’s commitment to attracting students from an international pool. 21 percent of university students studying in Switzerland are from overseas. Meaning that university life is a very cosmopolitan experience.

Study cost in Switzerland

Whilst the government actively supports Switzerland university education for its nationals by offering assisted or subsidised places (either free or very little). There is only a small premium charged for international students. Tuition fees to study in Switzerland range from as little as £650 per year up to £2,000. These are some of the lowest fees available within Higher Education across the entire continent.

The major cities such as Zurich and Geneva have a reputation for being some of the most expensive in the world. Despite this, university accommodation is readily available across most campuses and rents are comparable with the majority of other European cities. Taking advantage of low tuition fees, excellent academic reputation and a very diverse culture. Switzerland is certainly a very valid option for students looking to experience university life in a cosmopolitan way!

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