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What can Sweden offer students

Sweden has one of the highest ranking Higher Education systems in the world and has a number of globally renowned universities on offer. It has also been voted as having one of the happiest populations in the world and is surrounded by natural beauty, with huge forests, beautiful beaches and snow-capped mountains. Students looking for an active and outdoor lifestyle have the opportunity to spend their free time skiing, hiking, fishing and swimming.

Equality and diversity are central to Swedish society, international students are welcomed and encouraged to contribute to the country’s inclusive culture. English is commonly spoken both in and out of the classroom meaning that you don’t have to speak any Swedish to study here. It is a very clean and safe country offering an excellent standard of living and quality of life.


Study cost

Tuition fees in Sweden cost between £6,500 to £10,500 per year depending on the what and where you study. On average, monthly living costs will be around £650 per month with half of this paid on accommodation. Most Swedish Universities have halls of residence, either on campus or nearby whilst some students choose to rent privately through a shared let in a house or flat. Many students choose to work part time whilst studying as a way to contribute to their living costs, There is no restriction on the number of hours international students can work unlike many other countries.

After graduation

Sweden is home to the largest number of multinationals per capita of any other country in the world meaning that gaining employment here could offer a long a rewarding career. Many degree programmes in Sweden include internships which is a great way to accrue contacts and build professional networks once graduated. The government are keen to support and nurture international talent. They offer students the option to extend their residence permit for up to six months after completing their studies to allow them to look for work.

If you’re interested in studying in Sweden we can help you navigate the university application process, ensuring you make the right choice of university course and location. Please contact us to speak to one of our advisers.