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What South Korea can offer students

With the 4th largest economy in Asia, and the 11th in the world, South Korea has developed an internationally recognised reputation within the fields of Technology and Education. South Korea, and in particular Seoul, has a lot to offer international students both in terms of education and quality of life. Alongside this, South Korea offers high quality public services and transport and provides an excellent standard of living for students. Seoul is currently ranked among the top 10 student cities in the world.


Study costs

International students are charged the same standard rate of fees as South Korean nationals. These lower fees, combined with a cost of living that remains lower than many countries in the West (including the UK, US and Canada) make study in South Korea a more affordable choice in one the world’s most dynamic and culturally rich countries.

After graduation

Many students consider going on to further study or indeed permanent employment within the country once they have graduated. Preparing for future employment is a key element within the South Korean education system. In a bid to continue to encourage international students to the country, the Korean government has also recently announced substantial support with employment after graduating. South Korea presents a great opportunity in a dynamic economy, with continuously low unemployment rates.

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