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Portugal offers great university courses taught in English, as well as great weather and lively cities. It is certainly worth exploring the options. 

Study in Portugal - which university should I go to?

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Study in Portugal

Portugal is a wonderful country to study in and has an incredible amount to offer international students. For students looking to study in Portugal there is a huge variety of degree choices across the higher education system. From long established and historical universities dating right back to 1290 (University of Coimbra is one of the first in Europe). To the ultramodern and globally recognised institutions established within the last 50 years, founded to develop and communicate new technologies.

Students looking to study in Portugal have the option of studying either a traditional university environment. Or alternatively within one of Portugal’s well considered Polytechnics. Both offer an excellent standard of education and whilst the Polytechnics tend to favour more career focused and practical qualifications. They all offer offer degrees in engineering, management and humanities up to Master’s degree level and PhD.

Portugal is also very well connected and has excellent transport links across Europe and the rest of the world. Making it easily accessible and a great option for postgraduate study in particular. Within Portugal students at university in the cities of Lisbon or Porto, for example, are able to reach the coast and its stunning beaches within half an hour. Weekend trips are a great opportunity to see the rest of the country and its natural beauty whilst making the most of the warm Mediterranean climate. The political stability, low crime rate and environmental performance of the country also add to its desirability and make it a real contender for those considering higher education study abroad.

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Study costs in Portugal

The cost of living in Portugal is lower than the European average. This allows students to live well in Portugal, with great food and readily available accommodation at reasonable prices. In addition to this, students looking to study in Portugal can expect very competitive tuition fees.

The Portuguese authorities actively support its students and encourages them to take part and embrace the country and its culture. Student discounts are offered across the metro, museums and historical locations. As a relatively small country, it can be easily navigated and explored.

After graduation

Many universities offer degree courses taught entirely in English. In fact, at postgraduate level, the proportion of programmes run in English versus Portuguese can be as high as 60%. That said, studying in Portugal also offers the opportunity to embrace the Portuguese language. Portuguese is currently the world’s 6th most spoken language. As such, learning this as part of your studies is a valuable addition to your cv and in turn your job prospects.

As a language spoken across four separate continents (South America, Europe, Africa and Asia), it is easy to see the attraction for those looking to establish a career in these global markets. After studying in Portugal graduate employability is high on the agenda for Portuguese education providers. So much so that the government require annual reporting from its postgraduate providers to ensure that the design and delivery of their programmes promote this as a prime consideration.

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