How to Study in Canada

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How to study in Canada - which university should I go to?

Study and Work in Canada

Study in Canada for international students

Canada has some great universities that are highly ranked, offering a wide range of degree courses. The opportunity to study and work in Canada is growing in popularity for many reasons. Canadian degrees are price competitive compared to the USA at around £15,000 per year and there are a range of universities for city lovers and for those who prefer a rural location. If you are considering the option to apply to university in Canada cost of living is also affordable compared to many other top destinations for international students. In addition Canada is an ethnically diverse, cosmopolitan and safe country to live in, making study in Canada for international students particularly appealing.

Canadian universities are also world renowned for the quality of their research and the high standards of teaching.

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After graduation

Canada operates a study permit system, allowing students to both study and work in Canada for up to 20 hours a week during the academic calendar. Furthermore, if you want to stay after completing your degree Canada is one of the most pro-active countries in supporting talented people to stay. For international students post-graduation work permits provide students with an opportunity to work in Canada once they have graduated for up to three years.

If you have a family, Canadian immigration policy is often supportive. Family members, are usually allowed to live in Canada and apply to work for any employer. If you have children, they are also usually granted rights to live in Canada whilst you study.

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