How to Study in Canada

Canada is not only a great place to study, it also offers exciting career options after you graduate. You can find out more below.

How to study in Canada - which university should I go to?

Study and Work in Canada

How to study in Canada

Canadian universities welcome students from around the world. As the worlds most educated country Canada is very proud of its academic excellence, provide by over 100 universities.

Below we provide some more details on how to study in Canada.

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Canada university application process

Students applying to study in Canada need to apply directly to the individual universities. Identifying your preferred universities is the first step of the university admission process in Canada. There are many universities to choose from. Uni Direct will help you identify the best universities for you. If you are applying to more than one university the Canada university application process are likely to vary. There are, however, a few key things to consider:

  • Do you meet the academic requirements? – Each university and course will have its own entry requirements.
  • Can you get a visa? – Getting an offer from a Canadian university is a key step in the visa process
  • Do you meet the language requirements? – You must be proficient in English or French depending on the region of study.
  • What documents do you need? – You will need to supply a number of official documents such as you educational transcripts, which may also need to be translated.
  • What are the deadlines? – You should leave plenty of time to get your application prepared and submitted. Most universities have 2 entry periods in September and January.


Uni Direct’s application support process will support you in each step of the university admission process in Canada.

Getting a student visa in Canada

All international students, must prior to the commencement of their degree in Canada, obtain a Canada student visa. Furthermore, certain countries also require a temporary resident visa (TRV) to study in Canada. You can find all the information you need on the government website. You will also need to meet the necessary language requirements to study in Canada.

From our previous students experiences, we find that Canada student is one of the efficient countries to gain the right to study and work.

Staying in Canada after your degree

Canada's welcoming attitude toward international students means that, after your Canada student visa expires, if you decide you want to stay after your studies, there are various immigration pathways to explore.

Canada is making good progress on its, aim to double the number of international students and researchers in Canada. A key part of this aim is to retain talented people once they have completed their studies. You can read more about Canada's express entry system here.

English language to study Canada

International students can study in Canada in English or French. Canada university language requirements need to be demonstrated as a part of the Canadian application process. Each university will have different requirements. For universities in the English speaking regions most use a standardized language test such as IELTS, whereas those from the French speaking region (Quebec) tend to assess each applicant on a case by case basis.

We can recommend places that will assess your English or French language level. Then where required they can support you with an intensive programme of study to ensure you meet the Canada university language requirements in the time you need.

Homestay and accommodation options can usually be arranged for you at a wide range of language centres. Helping you improve your French or English language to study in Canada further, through conversing with your host family.

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