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Studying at a Singapore university?

Singapore is a cosmopolitan city that offers a unique experience to students considering studying at a Singapore university. The population is a melting pot of the Chinese, Malay and Indian cultures. Resulting in a wonderful social cohesion and mutual respect between people. Although the official languages of Singapore are Mandarin, Tamil and Malay, English is spoken fluently by 75% of the people here. It is a very safe, clean and efficient city with excellent transport links and low levels of crime.

Singapore has a steadily rising reputation as being one of the finest Higher Education providers in Asia and also ranks well on a global scale. The National University of Singapore is 11th in the QS world university rankings with Nanyang Tech right behind it in 12th place. There are 34 universities in Singapore and many of them have been established in collaboration with leading institutions around the world. Subjects such as Engineering, technology and social sciences perform particularly well.

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Study cost

Annual fees for international students currently average around £11,000. Although this does vary a huge amount depending on what and where you study. Students should also allocate roughly £6,000 for their annual living costs on top of the fees.  Many international students will be eligible to apply to the Singapore Ministry of Education for a tuition fee grant once they have an offer in at a Singapore university. In return, students must commit to staying and working in Singapore for three years or more after graduation.

After graduation from a Singapore university

Singapore boasts one of the most stable and buoyant economies in the world. It is considered to be one of the four ‘Asian Tigers’ along with Hong Kong, South Korea and Taiwan. All known for their rapidly growing economies. With unemployment figures sitting at just 2.2%, graduates from university in Singapore that choose to stay in Singapore can expect to be rewarded with excellent rates of pay and career opportunities. Graduates in Accountancy, Engineering, Law and Finance are particularly in demand.

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