UK universities have a world-class reputation and some of the top rankings globally. Applying for university in the UK is a very competitive process, with courses requiring students to stand out from the crowd. Uni Direct can assist you in applying for university, helping you gain the best possible place on the right course for you.

Choosing what to study at university, and the right university for you, is the first and often most challenging step. At Uni Direct we help undergraduate and postgraduate applicants to make the right choices of what to study at university across all subject areas. An important part of this process is discussing your career aspirations to ensure we match your academic interests with your future goals.



Applying for university in the UK usually involves completing a UCAS application for an undergraduate course, which requires you to submit a personal statement and, for some courses, attend an interview. Some applications for foundation degrees are made direct to a university.

A postgraduate university application, requires a personal statement and cv. We help you in applying for university through a series of one to one sessions with our expert advisers, using Skype or other communication means, and is aided by a comprehensive research service. We work with you all the way through to your acceptance of an offer.

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Applying for university in the UK requires an application support package unique to you. However, some of the key steps you can expect in the process are:

  • Providing you with a clear understanding of how to apply for university, and when to apply to university
  • Careers counselling, researching what to study at university, and identifying universities that meet your academic ability and interests
  • Advice on English language requirements for courses, obtaining references, tuition fees and scholarships where possible
  • Support in writing your university application and accompanying personal statement
  • Help in writing a cv for postgraduate application
  • Interview preparation, where required, for both undergraduate and postgraduate courses
  • Supporting your submission through the UCAS or postgraduate application process, and discussing next steps

Often, depending on your circumstances, different approaches are required when applying for university in the UK. You can find out more about these below:

Please contact us and speak to one of our expert advisors to find out more about applying to university.