Succeeding at University Summer School


Fulfilling your potential

This course is aimed at supporting you during your summer break from university studies. It provides a great opportunity for you to share your experiences in a safe learning environment. You will find you are not alone in the challenges you face on your university journey.

The focus of this course is to build your study skills. Throughout the week you will learn tips and techniques to help you succeed in the next year of your studies. These include developing your research and analytical skills, essay and report writing skills, presentation skills, enhancing your analytical reading techniques, understanding critical thinking, and comprehending your own learning style. If required, we can also help you consider your dissertation as part of this course.


Where next?

At the end of the course we will explore your future options, providing you with an overview of postgraduate and employment opportunities, and helping you to identify your academic and career goals beyond your studies. As part of this process, we will help you develop a cv to display your skills, education and professional experience.

This course also involves a range of fun activities to ensure, as well as a great learning experience, you also have an exciting time.

Please contact us for more information about our summer programme.