Study in Other Countries


Options to study abroad

Uni Direct provides bespoke study advice to help you consider a broad range of options to study at university abroad. We can advise you on your options to both apply for and complete your whole degree course in a different country or to study abroad for part of your degree course.

Choosing the right course

Many of our students want to consider options to either study in the UK or Europe, or perhaps further afield such as China, the US or Canada. We will help you prepare for and apply to the best universities for your educational attainment, needs, and interests. Our advisers work with students applying for undergraduate and postgraduate degree courses up to PhD and MBA level. They will help you weigh up the merits of gaining a degree level education in different countries, working out the best choices for you.

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Where to study abroad

To help you decide where to study, we can advise you on global university rankings for different subject areas, helping you identify and apply for the best degree courses in your chosen subject area. Our professional advisers will help you consider opportunities to integrate study abroad placements as part of your degree course, a degree with languages, or a degree course with a year in industry.

Read more about our study abroad support services below:

If you are looking to study outside of the UK we can help you understand the requirements in each country’s and submit an application to improve your chances of success through our university application support service. If you would like to find out more please contact us to speak to one of our advisers.