Master’s Degrees


How to apply for a master’s degree

If you are considering applying for postgraduate study, as master’s degree is an excellent option

Applying for a master’s degree is a great way to give you a competitive edge in the graduate job market.

Uni Direct can support you through the process of identifying postgraduate study options in the UK and elsewhere in Europe. We can help you understand how to apply for a master’s degree, helping you match your academic qualifications and personal and professional interests. We can help you in applying for a range of taught and research-based postgraduate courses, including master’s degree courses, MBAs and PhDs.

When to apply for a master’s degree

Many postgraduate courses will consider applications throughout the year. Although most master’s degree courses start in September, some courses having start dates in January or April. Uni Direct will help you to understand when to apply for a master’s degree of your choice, and then support and advise you through each step of the application process for both taught and research based master’s degree courses.


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What does the UK offer postgraduate students?

The UK can offer a great studying experience in some of the most prestigious institutions in the world. A master’s degree course delivered by departments that are ranked globally, and often include excellent research facilities.

In addition, there are many options outside the UK in Europe that we can help you consider. Europe has a range of vibrant cities with student populations, interesting cultures and activities to suit everyone.

We can help you to explore a range of master’s and doctorate level qualifications in the UK and Europe and understand how to apply for a master’s degree.

Applying for a master’s degree is delivered as a part of our university application support service. If you would like to find out more please contact us  to speak to one of our advisers.