Making an MBA Application

An MBA degree is a great way to give you the skills to supercharge your career.

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Applying for an MBA degree will help your longer-term professional development. In addition to helping you develop your interpersonal skills. Graduating with an MBA has been shown to increase your salary and employment prospects.

Making a successful MBA application requires careful consideration and career development planning. Studying for an MBA degree involves you completing a period of professional or managerial work experience before you make an application. Different MBA courses require different periods of professional experience. We will help you in finding the right MBA course for you. Taking into account the amount of tuition fees. We can identify MBA courses in the UK and at large European business schools.

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Making a successful MBA application

As part of your successful MBA degree application, you will need to submit a professional cv and accompanying personal statement to help you achieve the high standard expected by the MBA courses you are applying to. Making a successful MBA application will often require you to complete additional tests. Such as Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT). GMAT examines your ability in analytical writing, reasoning, numerical and verbal aptitude tests. A GMAT score above 600 is considered to be a good score and above 660 is excellent.

We can also provide advice to you in obtaining suitable referees to submit with your application, and on IELTS and other English language test requirements.

Completing an MBA degree is often a large financial investment, so ensuring you select the right MBA courses for you is essential. We can help you through this process and increase your chances of making a successful MBA degree application, identifying and applying to the best MBA courses for you.

Making a successful MBA degree application requires some specialist knowledge and also many of the core elements of our postgraduate university application support service. If you would like to find out more please contact us to speak to one of our advisers.