Master’s Degree for Students Without an Honours Degree

Can I do Masters without honours

How to apply for a masters degree without honours

Some of our students ask, how can I do Masters without honours? It is often the case that university graduates, from some countries, graduate with a degree, where the ‘Honours’ year is considered to be a postgraduate qualification. We have a lot of experience working with clients to help them to understand the pathways available to complete a Masters degree without honours.

Identifying suitable universities and degree courses that will meet your needs is the first step. We will then help you apply for these degrees, including helping you write a successful personal statement and cv to accompany your application. Our advice will help you to gain entry to a postgraduate master’s without an honours degree.


University requirements for a masters degree without an honours degree

At some universities there are options to do a pre-master’s degree course lasting for one or two semesters. These courses are specifically aimed at students who are looking to apply for a masters degree without honours.

If your English language qualifications do not meet the entry criteria for postgraduate programmes, there are a range of options we can support you with. IELTS conditions are usually higher for master’s degree courses. Your options may include undertaking a pre-sessional course aimed at enhancing your English, or taking an intensive IELTS course to ensure you meet the entry criteria for your postgraduate degree programme.

For students asking, can I do masters without honours? We provide specialist guidance in addition to many of the core elements of our postgraduate university application support service. If you would like to find out more please contact us to speak to one of our advisers.