PhD interview questions

Effectively preparing for a PhD interview is critical. We can help give you the tools to succeed.

Interview questions

Preparing for a phd interview

All PhD applications will require an interview to assess your skills, interest, and overall suitability for a particular programme. A PhD interview will be unlike any interview you have attended before. Requiring you to demonstrate an in depth knowledge and passion for the subject area. As well as that you will be a good fit in the department and succeed in the challenging task of completing a PhD.

However preparing for PhD interview follows much the same process as a job interview. Uni Direct provides bespoke PhD interview preparation guidance, and one-to-one consultation sessions with specialist mentors, to help you build your confidence and experience for that all important big day.

There are a number of different PhD interview tips and techniques to help you prepare and deliver a great interview. We recommend you prepare answers to PhD interview questions which demonstrate your competency and skills. Giving examples of how you have developed skills, and to demonstrate your experience and positions of responsibility. The ‘STAR’ (Situation Task Action Response) approach described here is always a good way of thinking through your answers.

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Preparing for a PhD interview

We suggest you practice PhD interview questions before your interview. Even write down examples under core competency based questions. For example Preparing for PhD interview questions relating general areas like to time management and planning/organisation, team work, communication, problem solving, initiative and enterprise, self-management/motivation, and learning and use of technology etc. As well as preparing for the all important subject specific PhD interview questions questions

We can help you with you in preparing for your PhD interview. Run through interview tips, for your chosen PhD and university.

We will also help make sure your PhD interview day runs as smoothly as possible. By, for instance, helping you check your travel arrangements, knowing where you are going, and planning so that you arrive in plenty of time for your interview.

We suggest you dress smartly for the interview and shake hands with the interview panel. Make sure you introduce yourself in a calm manner, take time to collect your thoughts, and answer questions clearly.

Ultimately preparing for a PhD interview is the key to success we are here to help.

Our specialist university interview preparation help is delivered as a part of our postgraduate university application support service. If you would like to find out more please contact us to speak to one of our advisers.