Work visa after university

Many countries are keen to ensure talented graduates stay and start their careers in the country in which they studied. You can find out more below.

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Work visa after university

Working after your studies

Many countries around the world are looking to ensure they provide the ability for talented students to stay and work. This is usually through student visas which provide a work visa after university. For most countries this involves a period after graduating during which recent graduates have time to find a job and secure a working visa.

Many of the students we work with fall in love with the countries and exciting new cultures of the places they study. So considering what your work visa after university allows is an important consideration.

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Case Study - work visa after university in the UK

In September 2019 the UK announced that it would offer international graduates two year post-study work visas. The incentive here is aimed at creating opportunities for high level graduates to develop their careers in the UK. This new work visa after university aligns the UK’s appeal for international students. Giving a similar offering to Canada. Already, this change has seen our enquiries from international students increase.

The post study work permit in the UK will be open to any international student who has successfully completed their degree in the UK in any subject area. The visa allows you to work, in any career or position, for up to two years after you have completed your studies. The aim gives the UK a more global outlook and will appeal to a lot of potential applicants. It will help students develop their work experience in the UK, opening up the possibility of them staying here longer-term. Following the two-year post study work permit, they can switch to a skilled work visa if they have the right job that aligns with the skill requirement.

Future UK visa rules

The programme will launch for the 2020/2021 intake of students to university. There will be no cap on numbers and graduates will be able to pursue their careers across many different fields. The aim by the UK government is to keep the best graduates in the UK. The two year work visa after university gives people enough time to develop their skills and find a job, if they show initiative and can find opportunities at an appropriately skilled level.

This is a positive step for students who want to study in a country where they have the opportunity to develop their longer-term career. At Uni Direct, we have had a lot more enquiries from both prospective undergraduate and postgraduate international applicants.

Uni Direct, working with our specialist partners, can support you through the work visa after university process as a part of our  careers advice and support service. If you would like to find out more please contact us to speak to one of our advisers.