Application Form & Covering Letter

We have a lot of experience in helping graduates to produce a job application form and covering letter that means you will stand out from the crowd.

How to write a CV

Application Form & Covering Letter

Here are a few pointers to help you develop apply for graduate jobs. It is worth having a good look at a range of graduate job sites and understanding the breadth of sites you can look at to help you find and apply for jobs. Make sure you read their advice on completing a graduate job application form correctly. You also need to be aware what they want you to include in a graduate job covering letter if this is relevant. Read company websites and ensure you understand enough about the job you are applying for.

Your Graduate Job Application Form

Quite often application forms for graduate jobs ask you to demonstrate your experience and suitability for the job. They want you to give examples of how you have developed skills and to demonstrate your experience. This will be from your experiences at university and in work experience you have undertaken. The STAR approach described here is always a good way of thinking through your answers. For example; time management/planning/organisation skills, team work, communication skills, problem solving ability, initiative and enterprise, self-management/motivation and learning and use of technology etc. These will underpin your graduate job application form so do take your time.

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Your Graduate Job Covering Letter

Your real strength is your passion, enthusiasm and breadth of experience. Remember to sell that in your application form and graduate job covering letter. This is what makes you unique form other candidates. Summarise it in your covering letter.

In your application form, talk about any work experience or voluntary placements and internships you have worked on. Really draw on what you have learnt through all your positions at the university and in these types of roles. Use multiple examples in answers to their questions on your graduate job application form where possible. Demonstrate your knowledge of the role or graduate scheme you are applying for.

I hope this helps. It really is practice that makes perfect. Take time on each graduate job application you make. Spend time writing down how you will answer questions and working out what examples you will give. Always be truthful about your experiences and don’t lie.

Finally, follow the usual etiquette in your graduate job covering letter. There are lots of online examples you can use to structure your covering letter, depending on the type of job you are applying for:

Good luck with your application.

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