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Getting the right careers guidance can make all the difference in starting a successful career. We can help ensure you secure that important graduate job.

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What can I do with my degree?

When you decide on what you want to study at university it is important to ask yourself, what can I do with my degree? Many graduate jobs do not require a specific degree subject. Although some degree subjects take you on a vocational career pathway. For example, if you study nursing or medicine you are highly likely to work as a nurse of doctor. If you study a subject like geography, however, you are likely to enter a range of graduate level jobs. Around 40 % of graduate jobs advertised do not specific what degree you need to have studied previously. This keeps your options open and allows you to apply for a wide range of graduate level jobs. Careers guidance both before and after university is key to ensuring you have a long and fulfilling career.

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Getting the right careers guidance before you leave university

Before you select your undergraduate degree course or postgraduate degree, it is advisable to think about what profession or type of profession you would like to enter. You should consider getting some graduate careers guidance and also do some research and look at what the requirements are for entering that particular profession. Use this to guide your choice of degree course accordingly. Have a look at a range of different career choices. Consider your long term goals. What sort of environment do you like working in? What suits you? Do you want to be based in an office or work outdoors? Think about things like this and research a range of career options.

Many people have multiple careers these days. It is quite common to change direction and many people do this several times over throughout their professional career. There are many educational routes and options that can help you diversify your skills and change career direction. You may want to consider doing a postgraduate degree in a different area to help you broaden your skills. Or you could do a short course to help you develop new skills.

To find your first graduate job and seek careers guidance, contact your university careers centre about where graduate jobs are advertised. Also attend any careers fairs at the university where you might get the opportunity to help meet companies and ask questions. Uni Direct can help with graduate careers guidance as well as support you to you develop your cv and review job applications.

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