Budgeting at University

By Tommy Adey | 8th July 2023

The switch from living at home with your parents to living in university accommodation is probably the biggest change in your entire life. This is for many reasons, but the biggest being money. At home there is not much to worry about as bills and food and basic necessities are paid for. However, at university you wont have this privilege so it is important that you learn how to manage your money properly. It is proven that 74% of students wish they had had a better financial education before coming to uni. This alone displays the importance of budgeting in […]

Study in the South-West of England

By Tommy Adey | 25th June 2023

The South-West of England is in general not very known (bar Bristol) for having many great universities. However you would […]


University of Greenwich buildings

Study in the UK? Its not too late for late UK applications

By Dr Elizabeth Adey | 18th May 2022

Introduction to this blog about late UK applications Have you received your Upper Secondary School results? We can help you to get an on the spot offer from the University of Greenwich in London. You can still start your studies in September 2022. Have you just got your results? If you want to get a […]

Student access for all

How Does Technology Bridge the Gaps in University Applications?

By Dr Elizabeth Adey | 26th April 2022

It takes a lot of work for anyone to apply for higher education, but the challenge is even greater for pupils facing educational barriers. Though students from marginalised communities deserve better chances. In the UK UCAS has found that it could take 332 years to close the admissions gap between disadvantaged and advantaged students. These gaps […]

Study in the US and Canada

Do you need a student loan?

By Dr Elizabeth Adey | 8th March 2022

Are you from the EU and are looking for a student loan to help finance your Bachelor’s or Master’s degree programme in Europe? FINS student loans can offer up to Euros 25,000 to help you finance your studies in Europe, including in Switzerland and the UK.  The assessment process to secure a student loan from […]

coronavirus student

Likely implications Coronavirus student teaching methods

By Dr Elizabeth Adey | 25th January 2021

Students starting in September 2021 in UK universities At present we know universities in the UK are currently teaching online as a result of high levels of Coronavirus in student populations. This move was made to help control the spread of Covid 19 in the UK. The same has happened across the world. The other […]

UK tuition fees for EU students

UK tuition fees for EU students and other changes in 2021

By Dr Elizabeth Adey | 21st October 2020

Brexit has implications for EU students who want to study in the UK in 2021. There are quite a few things to consider in addition to UK tuition fees for EU students. Below, we outline the key changes and dates where changes take place. Student visas – EU resettlement scheme and the new UK points […]

post Brexit university fees

How will Brexit alter studying in the UK for European students?

By Dr Elizabeth Adey | 16th July 2020

Post Brexit university life The UK is leaving the European Union on 31st December 2020. What does post Brexit university mean for EU students studying in the UK? For international students coming from outside the EU, Brexit has no impact whatsoever. For European students coming from EU countries, Brexit will affect their studies in the […]


study for free in germany

Study for free in Germany – work study

By Dr Elizabeth Adey | 2nd March 2020

Higher education delivery is constantly changing to meet the demands of employers. In this day and age, people aspire to graduate with their degree and gain work experience at the same time. You can study for free in Germany as many degrees combine education and working. Where students study and work for the entirety of […]

Want to study fashion Lucy Fine talks about a fashion degree

Looking to Study Fashion

By Dr Elizabeth Adey | 25th January 2020

If you are serious about a career in Fashion. Studying fashion at degree level will offer you the balance of academic knowledge, practical skills and technique. In many cases, a degree in fashion will involve industry projects. These will give you the valuable hands on experience that you need. We spoke to Lucy Fine, Senior […]

how to apply for university in uk

2020 UCAS application process explained – Study in the UK

By Dr Elizabeth Adey | 15th September 2019

If you would like to study in the UK but are confused about how to apply. Uni Direct has produced an infographic of the 2020 UCAS application process. Our infographic below takes you through each step of the UCAS application process, as well as those all important key UCAS milestones. If you want to know […]

Studying a degree in the creative industries

By Dr Elizabeth Adey | 7th December 2018

‘Are you curious, innovative and a team player? If so the creative industries are for you’. I had the great pleasure of interviewing Professor Anne Carlisle, vice chancellor and CEO of Falmouth University. Professor Carlisle is redefining the traditional view of studying an art and design degree. Professor Carlisle is a leading light in transforming […]

Your UK university application journey

By Dr Elizabeth Adey | 30th October 2018

The ultimate guide for Study in the UK

By Dr Elizabeth Adey | 30th October 2018

Maybe you know someone who has studied in the UK and has talked about it ever since? Did it successfully launch their international career or enable them to come home and leverage all those industry contacts they made? Perhaps the opportunity to study in the UK is just a dream you’ve been keeping to yourself? […]


Cost of Living impact on UK students’ mental health

By Tommy Adey | 20th May 2023

The stress of the cost-of-living crisis is unravelling throughout society. Everyone’s impacted. The cost of living has especially impacted on students studying in the UK. At one end, there are those cancelling holidays, at the other people are counting pennies for their electric top-up cards. Students are also feeling the serious and worrying impact of […]

revision skills

Revision Skills

By Dr Elizabeth Adey | 20th May 2021

As we move into exam season, the key to success during this stressful period in your studies, is to ensure you have the revision skills needed to make sure you avoid the dreaded ‘cramming’ and last minute panic. Here are some top tips to navigating your way through this period with success: Revision skills – […]

spanish flag

5 reasons to learn Spanish

By Dr Elizabeth Adey | 19th October 2020

How do you spend your free time? Would you like to get benefit from it? If I tell you that doing one thing will let you enjoy your time and make you be able to communicate with more than 500 million people in the world. I heard you are asking “How?”. The answer is simple, […]

Combat homesickness with these tips

By Dr Elizabeth Adey | 27th August 2020

So many people are suddenly sharing the same fears: of their own health, of their loved ones, their career, economic prospects, and mental wellbeing and above all the world’s recovery from what we are facing together. Know that; you are not alone. We are all in this together. Living away from your family in a […]

Should I go to university this year?

Should I go to university this year?

By Dr Elizabeth Adey | 6th July 2020

Whilst in many countries the spread of the Coronavirus is now under control. The uncertainty about travel restrictions, countries lockdown measures and ultimately university course provision is leading to a lot of students who are looking to start this September asking. Should I go to university this year? We work with universities around the world […]

study engineering

Study Engineering at University

By Dr Elizabeth Adey | 23rd June 2020

To mark International Women in Engineering Day we interviewed Gordana Collier who is the programme lead for Engineering degrees at Oxford Brookes University Can you give me a brief outline of why you decided to study engineering and your career trajectory to date? I did my first engineering degree in Yugoslavia and worked for the […]