Case study Seb Belcher

Renewable Energy Degree - Case study

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Seb Belcher

BEng Renewable Energy Engineering Degree University of Exeter

In September 2018, Seb will be transferring to the second year of the BEng renewable energy engineering degree at the University of Exeter.

After discussing a number of different options with Seb, it was clear that Seb was well suited to study renewable energy engineering at the University of Exeter. This unique course at a campus-based university was the right environment to utilise and develop Seb’s skills and interests. Previously, Seb was studying for a degree in Scotland but the course was not the right match for him. Deciding to change courses was a big decision for Seb to make. However, after a lot of hard work Seb was accepted for a transfer to his chosen degree course at the University of Exeter.

Congratulations Seb, in transferring your degree course to a UK Top 10 University. Do you have any advice for our students to help them make the big decision of what to study and which University to apply to?

‘I would advise anyone applying to study in the UK to carefully look at each module in the degree course. Making sure they comprise the areas that interest you and for you to have an good understanding of what lies ahead. It can be easy to get drawn in by the location of the university rather than the course. Your first consideration should be what the course or degree has to offer you. Once you are satisfied with that then you can look at which universities, offering this course, suit you best. It helps to have someone on your side who knows the universities and your needs when considering applying to

university and to know you won’t be pressed into making the wrong choice. Uni Direct was supportive and allowed me to choose whether or not I wanted to study at the option they put forward. Without me feeling like I had to say yes to their suggestion.’

How has your degree choice been determined by your career aims?

‘My choice to study a renewable energy degree is directly in line with the career choice I wish to pursue. I have always known I wanted to work in a technical job that would help me understand more about how the world works. This has led me towards engineering. Even with a general idea of the sector you want to work in, it can be difficult to choose a specific career. This makes choosing the right degree very hard. I chose my course by thinking about what I could do that would make me wake up every day feeling excited. For example, I want to help people by building things on a technical level and for me to have the potential to develop new technologies that will aid my goal. On this basis my choice to study renewable energy was the right one. It allows me to potentially develop new renewable energy technologies that will help people around the world.’

How did you find the support you received from Uni Direct?

‘Initially I was unsure of reapplying to university and didn’t know how I would reach my dream career. Uni Direct suggested a university that, unlike my first one, was well set up for the specific course I had initially intended to study. They made sure this course aligned with my career choice. Uni Direct helped me hugely in the process of applying to this university. I felt very comfortable going through the application process knowing I had someone on my side with good insight on how best to do this. Because of the support I received I got into the university of my choice. I’m not sure this would have happened had I not had their help.’