Case study - Professional Football Coaching Degree

Football coaching degree

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Daniel Akdemir

BSc Sports Science with Professional Football Coaching

When Daniel first spoke to Uni Direct, he told us he was passionate about playing football and this was inspiring him to want to pursue a career in sports science or as a football coach.

With our help, we helped Daniel chose a course at the University of Greenwich, combining his interests to study sports science with professional football coaching degree.  Daniel feels football in the UK is world class and has just started at the University of Greenwich. He is excited about starting university and following his dreams.

Do you have any advice for our students to help them make the big decision of what to study and which University to apply to?

If you want to know what to study, you have to start questioning yourself. What are you like as a person? What is exciting for you? What is interesting to you? Answer those questions and write them down. It is only then that you are going to see the answers.

After that you do your research, I would then recommend that you talk with Uni Direct because they are good listeners and they want you to succeed and achieve your goals. That is what I did.

How has your choice of a football coaching degree determined by your career aims?

With the help from Uni Direct I understand what I need to do to achieve my dream and also what will my future employer ask for. Much of the help came from Uni Direct’s employees.

How did you find the support you received from Uni Direct?

As an international student I found the support from Uni Direct great. They communicate well, are easy to understand and clear in what to do, and what not to do.

Uni Direct also handled also the pandemic outbreak really well, they always had control of the situation, remained calm and responsive to answering my questions. I am now really looking forward to starting my football coaching degree.