Case study Sophie Mitchell

marketing degree

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Sophie Mitchell

Marketing degree career advice

Sophie came to us whilst she was completing her Honours year of a marketing degree at the University of Cape Town in South Africa. We helped Sophie to consider her next steps and through her CV, to articulate the skills and expertise she had gained throughout her marketing degree, extracurricular activities and work experience. All Sophie’s hard work paid off and she has now secured a great job in marketing.

Before entering the world of work we asked Sophie to look back on her time at university to answer a few questions to help other students who are applying to study abroad.

Do you have any advice for our students to help them make the big decision of what to study and which university to apply to?

I think what really helps is to set long-term career goals and look at what degrees and universities may help one get there. For example, as I was interested in pursuing a career in Luxury Brand Management. Imperial College and its connection to Givenchy, was of great interest to me. As I felt they had the contacts that could possibly provide me with practical experience within that career field.

How had your choice of a marketing degree been determined by your career aims?

My choice of a marketing degree was ultimately determined by my career goals. Although I applied to a variety of different titled degrees. They were all within the Marketing and Communications realm. A field that often overlaps with multiple disciplines and modules. I also think applying to slightly different degrees and giving myself options definitely made the whole concept of settling to a specific career field much less daunting.

How did you find the support you received from Uni Direct?

Uni Direct was great! I found Liz to be very empathetic towards what would and what wouldn’t suit me. As well as realistic when I would find programmes that I was unlikely to be accepted into. I also appreciated that Liz was understanding of my existing university commitments. But also ensured that I completed what was expected of me in a timely manner. A suggestion that really helped me for future students would be encouraging students to take a strengths finder test. I did the Gallup Strength Finder one and found it very insightful about what field I would be best suited in and how to ‘sell’ myself in personal statements.