Case study  Linnea Lindenmeyer

costume design degree

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Linnea Lindenmeyer

BA Costume Design degree

In September 2019, Linnea will started studying her costume design degree at Arts University Bournemouth. When Linnea approached Uni Direct she was already very focused and had decided what she wanted to study and where to apply to. She wasn’t sure how to apply though. Uni Direct is a registered UCAS centre and with our help Linnea applied for five courses through UCAS. Linnea was supported in writing her personal statement and completing her UCAS form correctly.

The UCAS process can be confusing for students and we helped answer any questions that came up.

Linnea answered a few questions for us below to help other students who are applying to study abroad.

Do you have any advice for our students to help them make the big decision of what to study and which University to apply to?

Research everything. The more you research the more you know if you are interested or not. For example, when you start looking at the universities don't just look at their courses, look at the campus, the facilities and the equipment etc.

How has your choice of a costume design degree determined by your career aims?

I chose a costume design degree  because it would help me move closer to my career goals. My advice is to choose the course/degree that sound the most interesting and that will bring you closest to your goals.

How did you find the support you received from Uni Direct?

I really liked all the help that I got. Whenever I would ask a question I would get a quick response. The feedback I got was good and helped me to move forward through my problems. I was great to get another opinion so I could see my work from another perspective. Ultimately I got the place on the costume design degree I wanted thanks to Uni Direct.