Case study - UK science degree

UK science degree

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Filip Johansson

BSc Natural Sciences, University College London (UCL)

Filip came to Uni Direct with a passion for continuing his studies in a UK Science degree. He really excels at physics but wasn’t quite sure what subject to select as he liked the full range of science subjects. After discussing options, he decided that studying natural sciences would allow him to continue his enjoyment of learning across different scientific disciplines. Uni Direct helped advise him on how to broaden his skills and interests and this was reflected in his excellent personal statement. Filip is pleased to be starting at UCL in September 2020. 

Do you have any advice for our students to help them make the big decision of what to study and which University to apply to?

The obvious answer is to, of course, do your research and read lots about different courses at universities. It is also important to have an open mind and to look over many course options, even those you may not initially be interested in. It is also important to visit the actual course websites of different universities. Even though the course may be named the same across different universities, it doesn’t mean the content and structure will be exactly alike.

The actual university choice should be based on many factors. Personally, I ended up realising that location was an important factor for me as I wanted a big city setting. Luckley big cities have some of the top UK sciences degrees and London therefore suited me well. Ranking-wise, I definitely think you should aim high! Let at least one or two of your options to be “reach” ones as there always is a chance that you could get in.

How has your choice of a UK science degree been determined by your career aims?

My career aims are, probably like many, still very unclear. When applying it therefore suited me best to choose a relatively broad programme which could offer a wide range of future career prospects. After much consideration of which UK science degree, my choice of studying the Natural Sciences programme feels very right as I am not yet sure if I want to work in research or and entirely different field, such as finance or business. The maths and logic provided by the course is always going to be very useful in any career which is one of the reasons I deemed the course as “safe”.

How did you find the support you received from Uni Direct?

I found the support Uni Direct provided me with to be extremely useful! Having someone helping you out with the, at times, confusing application process is amazing. I also personally found that I became more motivated and driven to work with my application when I had someone pushing me forward! The assistance with the personal statement was excellent and the guidance on which UK science degree to choose was invaluable. There is so much to choose from. The advisor who helped me out was truly helpful and very kind.

Whenever a problem or complication arose with my application, she was always there to immediately help solve the problem. If I ever had any questions or concerns I could always ask her and expect a quick and helpful answer. The service was truly astounding. Without her help I doubt I would have gotten in to one of my top university choices, UCL. I am more than grateful for her invaluable assistance and the amount of dedication she put into helping me!